Chinatown: ‘Bites & Culture’ Trail

Chinatown: ‘Bites & Culture’ Trail

$40.00 / Trail access

As with every major city’s Chinatown, the one we have here in Sydney has served as an important cultural and social hub for Chinese migrants. Well-loved by locals and visitors alike, this area is mostly known for the delicious food offerings and the vibrancy of the nightlife. But, it’s evolved into something more than just about the cuisine…

On this trail, we will be digging deeper into what makes this particular Chinatown unique by highlighting the arts and cultural significance that are often overlooked. We may even show you its hidden gems & local hangs! 

What to expect? Going beyond Dixon Street & Paddys Market to check out artsy alleyways, local stores and restaurants that many locals don’t even know, yet. And of course food, yes, food! Don’t forget to support the small businesses and experience the hospitality of Sydney’s Chinatown.

Duration: approx 1.5 hour

Recommended time: anyday between 11am-8pm

Price: $40 per trail access (max of 4 people per access)
**Even better, you can round up your mates, loved ones, coworkers and whoever to compete against you!

The area you will discover and a helpful pin to show you the start.