This is not a tour.
Modern-day treasure hunt in Sydney’s cultural pockets.

Our Story

Think “The Amazing Race” meets treasure hunt meets walking tour with an adrenaline rush. Inspired by our passion for travel and meaningful exploration, we’ve crafted unique adventures to highlight the cultural values of our own backyard. So, why so serious? Let’s experience something out of the ordinary.

Community connection

Connecting people from all walks of life through a shared experience.

Always exploring, playfully

Go on, explore the unknown! We make It less intimidating and more accessible.

Knowledge is Power

Man, wouldn’t it be nice if we all learn a little bit about others’ culture?

Our Trails

‘Bites & Culture’ Trail

Go explore. Experience & regain a new perspective.

'Arts & Brews' Trail

You don't have to travel far to have an adventure.


Coming soon. Stay tuned for more.

How It Works

Choose your adventure

Select a trail, sign up and proceed to the checkout page.


Access the trail via dashboard.


Get your mates to compete by purchasing the trail separately.

Game day

Set a time when you’ll go on the trail.


Head to the Starting Point, access the trail and you will receive your first clue.


No downloads. One trail access per team.

Complete the challenges

Cryptic clues and riddles are plenty! Solve them to earn scores and reach the final stop.


Have a blast exploring and learning the best parts of the city!

Everyone Loves To Explore

A culture dive with all different cultures.. Such a great way to create diversity & culture awareness in a way which is fun, inspiring and aspiring too!
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-Jason B
Riddles, Fun Facts and a Healthy dose of Competition which makes it the perfect way to explore the city for both locals and tourists or just want a fun-venture. Can't wait for the release of the next trail!
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Wonderful experience - really unique and fun! A different approach to learning about cultural aspects of Sydney in Chinatown
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-Anna M
Hubby and I decided to do the treasure hunt for a date 'night' and we chose Chinatown trail. We could not believe the number of spots we didn't realise that were there all along. It is an absolute must to do, no matter how many times you think you've been to the place! Such a unique experience.
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I feel very cultural now! We came from Vladivostok, Russia and China is our neighbour - 50km across the border. It’s a part of us in some sense, so we really enjoyed the trail.
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-Nikolai C
Enjoyed getting to know the area better and notice & explore parts I hadn't seen before. Learned some fun facts and am excited to be back in the area to try some of the new food recommendations from the trail.
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-Jessica C
The ability to connect with friends and engage with areas more deeply than thought before. I simply was not aware of a lot of the places the hunt took us. The information was also mind blowing!
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A fun activity to do with friends.
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