kultura trail white coloured logo
kultura trail white coloured logo

Our Story

Our Story

Kultura (cool-too-rah) derives from the Spanish word ‘cultura’ meaning ‘culture’. It all started with my 6-year stint living in Spain and it quickly turned into something more meaningful. Kultura Trail was born by bringing together my undying love for travel with my burning passion for cultural exploration (and honestly, also ‘cos of the lack of international travel right now).

Being an Indonesian born Chinese Australian (Third Culture Kid ftw!), I belong to more than one cultural identity – and man, do I struggle with it sometimes. Throughout my travels, conversing and connecting with people from different backgrounds, I’ve come to realise that one’s culture is at times inexplicable but so easily identifiable. Not only does exposure and connection create a special bond, but also empathy which are essential in creating a stronger social cohesion in this day and age. That is our vision with Kultura Trail.

With my curious approach on world’s cultures combined with the element of play and adventure, a unique and meaningful experience is created in our own backyard! – Steffi, Founder

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Our Values

A bustling Chinese gate with people strolling around, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere.
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Community Connection

What’s one of the most treasured things in life? Genuine. Human. Connection. Connecting people from all walks of life through a shared experience creates an irreplaceable bond. While on the trail, talk to business owners, ask the locals and listen. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

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Always exploring, playfully

Constant exploration is essential and second nature to us, though new exploration can at times be quite daunting. So we’ve created a playful setting to make it less intimidating and more accessible for everyone. ‘Cause hey, being an adult can also be fun. Go on, explore the unknown.

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Knowledge is power

With knowledge we are able to make sense of the world – allowing us to put things into perspective and even build empathy towards others. Man, wouldn’t it be nice if we all learn a little bit about others’ culture? Well we believe when we do so, cultural problems will not exist… and maybe we will get to understand our own culture too. So be curious, grasshopper. Always respectfully and culturally.