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kultura trail white coloured logo


We prioritize safety first. Always check local restrictions and regulations of the area of the trail. Some challenges may require you to enter a building, restaurant, etc. for a brief amount of time. Maintain social distancing where possible.

Once you purchase a trail on our website, you will then have access to the trail immediately via your dashboard. For the best experience, up to 4 people in a team, so if you are a larger group, split into teams and each team purchases the trail separately. Gather up your mates and organise a day and time to explore! Meet at the Starting Point and click on the trail via the dashboard that will direct you to our magical web app. No, you don’t need to download anything… More space to take more pictures on the trail! Follow the prompts on the screen and have a blast! At the end of the trail, there will be a Scoreboard comparing your earned points to the other teams – a good opportunity to name and shame (or brag more like it). A word of advice: do not access the trail before the day of the adventure.

The adventurous, the curious and the fun-loving. Do it as a social hang with friends, a date with your SO, family day out and even a team building activity with coworkers. Guaranteed a unique experience you’ll be talking about even after it’s finished!

Maximum 4 people in a team. Not to say you can’t do it as a date night or solo! It will still be fun, trust me 😉 If you are a larger group, no worries, just split into teams and enjoy some friendly competition. For example, if you are a group of 8, split into 2 teams of 4. Each team needs to purchase the trail separately to have a separate access.

Absolutely. Go crazy. Just like the adventure reality game show, “The Amazing Race”, you can compete with your mates, SO, coworkers or your family in a race around the Kultura Trail! But remember, each individual team needs to purchase the trail separately so they can track their own scores and time whilst competing.

Teams usually separate quickly as people solve clues at their own pace, however we do recommend starting a trail at 5-10 minute intervals if you want to be certain you won’t follow each other.

Just with any adventure, a little preparation wouldn’t hurt. Don’t worry – we’re not asking you to pack trail mix or anything (there’s usually yummy food stops and recommendations along the trail anyway). So all you need is your smartphone with internet access, an open mind and a sense of curiosity!

Nope. Nada. Zilch. Just use your web browser.

Of course! At the start of every trail, you can choose: ‘Race Mode’ or ‘Explore Mode’. You can take your sweet time on ‘Explore Mode’ – no time pressure.

Once you purchase a trail, you will have immediate access to the trail via your dashboard. You are able to see the Starting Point, recommended time to go and length of trail. When you are ready for a Kultura Trail adventure, head to the Starting Point. But let’s keep it a mystery for now…

You have 6 months access from the date of purchase. So if your social calendar is looking a little busy or you’ve been summoned to one of those compulsory family dinners, you’ve still got plenty of time to go on a Kultura Trail adventure.

Yes, even if you exit out of the web app during the trail, or if you decide to take a break, or maybe you want to raincheck, the game will resume where you left off. Simply access the trail via your dashboard again. Just remember once you start a trail, you have 2 weeks from the start date to complete it.

Once you complete the trail and reach the final stop, you won’t have access to the trail anymore. But since we regularly update our trails, if you wish to do the same trail again in a year’s time or maybe with different people this time, then you are welcome to purchase it again. There ain’t no limit! Have you checked out our other trails?

Not to worry, we are pretty nice so we’ll give you one hint for each challenge. But it comes at a cost…. A hint will cost you 20 points. Use it wisely 😉

That would be amazing! We only ask NOT to spoil the game to others who have not done it. Feel free to tag us @kulturatrail #kulturatrailsydney on socials and leave a Google review too. You may even get a few brownie points doing it 😉 https://bit.ly/2VGQ5GA

Yes we sure do! We have the ability to customise the trails to your needs. Please contact us info@kulturatrail.com to discuss some options.

‘Cos we can’t travel. Nah, but seriously, Kultura Trail is for the locals as much as it is for the non-locals. Sydney is so multicultural and full of hidden gems and stories. If you love exploring a new city and don’t mind getting a little lost whilst on your travels, you will love Kultura Trail. We created the trails so you can (re)discover Sydney and see her through a different perspective, a cultural one. We guarantee that you’ll be seeing mundane things as something interesting and worth exploring.