Marrickville: ‘Arts & Brews’ Trail

Marrickville: ‘Arts & Brews’ Trail

$40.00 / Trail access

Welcome to Marrickville whereby even the planes won’t stop you from exploring.

Time Out has named this neighbourhood the 10th coolest neighbourhoods in the WORLD! What used to be flooded swamps prior to the 1900s, Marrickville went by its Aboriginal name: Bulanaming. It has since hosted multiple waves of migrants and became an industrial hub for all trades. In the last decade, it has been super gentrified as the young, hip and creative communities started to call Marrickville home – drawing our attention to this cultural pocket of Sydney.

What to expect? Hidden alleyways full of world-class street art, Sydney’s best cafes, humble delis and a vibrant community culture. Get your mates in for a brewery crawl too. Marrickville is a one-of-a-kind experience.