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Ready for a longer stroll? Go back out to the street, head left to the tree-lined street of Saywell. Walk to the end of the street until you find a wall-sized mural with 2 birds.

💥DARE: Take a selfie with these two local spinebills for a chance to win a special 🎁! Don’t forget to tag @kulturatrail on Instagram and add #kulturatrailsydney #creativetrails2022

When you reach the end of the street, please look left & right before you cross to the other side of the road towards a brick building: “Roumeli”. Walk up that road for 3-5mins as you’re passing Chapel St. and The Juice & Co. Keep going until you see this mural (see picture). Turn into Smith St and look for #53A where you’ll find a Kultura Trail QR code to scan.